Week of interviews and photo shoots

I have been interviwed this week by both Tucson Home Magazine and Luxe magazine. Today was the photo shoot for Luxe magazine tomorrow will be the shoot day for Tucson Home Magazine. Hopefully I will have permission to post the images.

Preparing for New York Exhibition

I have spent the past couple of weeks working on a couple of new big pieces, but it is now time to start scheduling and crating the work for the Manhattan exhibition at Kouros gallery.

Back in the Studio

I have spent the last few months concentrating on getting prepared for the gallery show and getting 6 monumental pieces ready for crane and forklift installation. It feels good to get back to the work that I love best, sculpting in the studio.

Sitting around the installation

Friends sitting with one of the pieces placed at the library

Gallery opening

Last night was the opening at the Gallery at 6th & 6th. There was a great turnout. I appreciate all the hard work done by Lauren and Debbie at the gallery to put together the show together. There is so much planning, preparing and working behind the scenes to make things look like they happened […]

Downtown Tucson Installation

The 6 monumental figures are now installed downtown. There are meant to appear like a strange archeological dig found in the SW desert. Pieces are also delivered to the Gallery at Sixth & Sixth for the opening this Saturday night.