Installation returns to the studio

Sculpture Garden

A litttle R&R

Took a little hiking trip into Aravaipa Canyon with Akitsu, Chia-ling, and Tom for a little R&R before the tough week ahead of final preparations for the show opening next Saturday at the Gallery at 6th & 6th.

Loading sculpture

This is one of the final preparations necessary for the dowtown Tucson installation. We are loading up the last of the monumental sculptures. This piece was recently mounted unto a steel “sled” for the downtown installation.

Downtown Installation

Preparations are in full swing for the downtown Tucson installation of 6 monumental sculptures. Cranes and forklifts will be at the studio next Monday to begin the installation of the 6 bronze figures at the plaza around the main library in downtown Tucson. I will begin posting photos next week. Stay tuned.

Just launched!

Welcome to to my blog. My new site just launched today. More coming soon…